Which Office Water Cooler is Right For Your Business?

An office water cooler is one of the must-have essentials for business owners to provide their employees. Easy access to fresh drinking water is a great way to keep everyone hydrated, which in turn helps boost morale and productivity. But with so many options available, how do you know which office water dispenser is the best fit for your business?

Bottled office water coolers are popular for their ease of installation and convenience, but they have a few drawbacks. For one, bottled water can be costly if you’re constantly ordering deliveries or paying for storage and maintenance. Additionally, changing out empty bottles can be a hassle, especially when a 5-gallon bottle weighs 42 pounds. This repeated handling can lead to contamination around the spout and, over time, bacteria buildup in the unit itself.

With the growing awareness of plastic pollution, more people are looking to ditch traditional bottled water coolers in favor of bottleless water systems that connect directly to the office water supply. Bottle-less systems eliminate the cost of buying and transporting bottled water, as well as the stress of running out of clean, cold water. Plus, many systems are Energy Star rated, so they can help you save on your office’s energy costs.

Here at ProDrinkingFountains, we offer a variety of office water coolers to suit your business’s needs. From countertop bottle-less office water coolers to filtered tap systems, we have an option that will fit your space and budget. To learn more about our products or get started with an order, contact us today! office water cooler

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