Women’s Knickers – Which Women’s Knickers Are Right For You

When it comes to picking the right types of panties, you’re likely overwhelmed by options in the lingerie department at a store or the endless selection on an online shopping site. You’ve got to consider fit, comfort, style and fabric — not to mention price and sizing. And you might feel like you need an advanced degree in textile science to sort through the many different panty styles out there.

But don’t give up, because we got some expert input from Good Housekeeping’s lingerie and apparel lab experts and a medical opinion from a gynecologist to help you find the best women’s knickers for your needs. Plus, we found some pretty stylish choices that are worth splurging on.

Whether you’re looking for something more feminine or something to cover up your lady parts, we found the perfect pair for every woman.

These mid-rise knickers will keep your tummy covered without digging into your waist. They also look great on women with squarish-shaped butts, as they help define where the back ends and your derriere begins. Strategist senior editor Chelsea Peng loves these made-in-London knickers emblazoned with chile peppers, which she describes as her “sporting underwear.” They aren’t too revealing, but they add some extra volume to your lower half. And they’re a bit more durable than her other lace knickers, which she says have “a tendency to rip.” For tampon-friendly underwear, Phenomenal CEO Meena Harris recommends these high-waisted panties that hold six tampons and provide full coverage while you’re on your period. women’s bamboo knickers

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