Choosing a Kiddush Cup

The kiddush cup is a special goblet used for blessing wine on Shabbat and other holidays. It is usually made of silver and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The cup is often given as a gift to mark significant Jewish events such as weddings or bar and bat mitzvahs. The cup is also a symbol of tradition and continuity, which is why many families keep the same cup from generation to generation.

A kiddush cup can be made of any type of glass or metal. The classic design is a silver goblet with a stem and base, but modern designs are available as well. Some cups are even made of a combination of materials such as glass and wood. The most important thing when selecting a kiddush cup is that it be kosher. It should be free from cracks and nicks, and it should be clean. It must also be big enough to hold at least 86 ml of liquid.

Most people put red table wine in their kiddush cups, but it is permissible to use white wine as well. It is also ok to use non-alcoholic grape juice. If you are using grape juice, it is best to place the cup on a small plate or coaster so that the drops of wine that drip down the side do not stain the tablecloth or mark the surface.

Yair Emanuel makes beautiful anodized aluminum kiddush cups in contemporary colors, and the wooden cups feature themes that are both traditional and modern – captivating views of Jerusalem or the Seven Species contrasting with a bride and groom image. These hand-made cups are made from thicker sheets of silver and use unique techniques that take years to master. Those who create these special Jewish objects work out of a love for their craft and faith in the continuing evolution of Jewish identity. kiddush cup

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