Choosing the Right Fire Fighting Water Pump

The fire fighting water pump is a key component of a fire suppression system that’s used to provide adequate pressure and flow at a scene in order to keep firefighters safe and efficiently fight the fire. Choosing the right fire fighting water pump depends on many different factors, including the hose size and diameter of each nozzle used and how long the hose lines are (as well as the fire suppression nozzles themselves).

Fire pumps are required to be tested annually in accordance with the requirements set forth in NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. The testing consists of full annual flow condition tests that put the pump through its paces using real water to verify it is working correctly. During the test, a licensed sprinkler service technician will measure the pump’s suction and discharge pressure as well as the water flow rate to ensure they are accurate. If discrepancies are discovered, the technician will often be able to explain the reason for the differences and make an easy correction or repair.

Another factor that influences the type of fire fighting water pump that’s required is the available water supply. This could be a municipal supply, on-site water storage tank or an open body of water. If the building is elevated above a certain level, it’s important to consider the effects of gravity and how much additional pressure will be needed to push water through higher floors.

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