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About cloud gavel
Developed by Fusionstak LLC, a Louisiana-based business solutions provider, and winner of several national awards, cloud gavel is the nation’s leading electronic warrant solution that has processed millions of transactions for arrest and search warrants and affidavits. It allows officers in the field to create warrants via any internet-capable device, then electronically send them to a judge or DA for review and approval in minutes.

This reduces the time spent by officers processing paperwork and eliminates unplanned overtime, allowing officers to devote more hours to apprehension and conviction of criminals. The system also provides a complete audit trail for the warrant application and approval process to ensure that all procedures are followed, while reducing paperwork and waste.

The system also improves communication and collaboration between law enforcement agencies, as the eWarrants are stored in a central database that can be accessed by officers from other agencies. Those agencies can then share information about warrants that have been issued, thereby increasing the chances of catching suspects.

The system provides a mobile app for judges and commissioners, which allows them to log in, review and approve/reject warrants from their iPhones or iPads. It also provides a dashboard to view active warrants, personalized forms, state-approved warrant forms, and more. Moreover, it offers Arrest Warrant Xchange, which is a database of outstanding warrants. The company serves law enforcement offices in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, New Orleans, and elsewhere. It has a clientele comprising of police departments, district attorney offices, and courts. cloud gavel

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