Real-Time Utility Monitoring With eGauge

Real-time utility monitoring enables facility managers to track energy, water and other resources in real time. This powerful insight allows organizations to identify inefficiencies, implement targeted measures to reduce waste, and optimize resource utilization – which results in reduced operational expenses.

Real-Time Tracking of Energy Use
The eGauge system can monitor the power of individual circuits in electric panels using sensors called current transformers (CTs). This enables you to see your power consumption data on a webpage in real time, making it easy to spot unexpected energy patterns such as excessive equipment usage or demand charges. It also helps you prevent equipment failures by alerting you to problems before they occur, reducing repair costs and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

In addition, real-time tracking allows you to track your energy and water consumption against cost targets set by your organization or government, ensuring that you’re able to participate in demand response programs and get the best value from your energy providers. It also helps you find areas of energy or water waste so that you can take action to correct them – which translates into significant cost savings and increased sustainability.

Integrated into your STARDOM FCN/FCJ hybrid PLCs, real-time tracking can provide you with a single source of truth for your facility status information. This eliminates blind spots where utility data is displayed on multiple instruments and recorders, which can be difficult to analyze and interpret. It also ensures that the correct information is presented to operators at all times, making it easier to make smart decisions about how to manage your utility budget. real-time utility monitoring

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