Cloud Gavel – Automated Warrants for Law Enforcement Agencies

Cloud Gavel is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and primarily operates within the Application Computer Software business / industry. The company offers software applications and services for law enforcement agencies to create and automate documents, including search warrants, arrest and bench warrants and fugitive warrants. The platform provides a web-based eWarrant solution that allows officers to review and approve warrants on their tablets or smartphones. The system is able to track case history and provides audit trails for each eWarrant submitted.

The eWarrant solution enables law enforcement officers to spend more time on the streets and less time processing paperwork. Agencies can also reduce unplanned overtime and cut back on unnecessary expenses associated with catching criminals.

For example, a trooper uses the system to request a blood draw warrant for a DUI/DWI suspect. The trooper then drives to the medical facility where they can obtain a blood sample before normal dissipation reduces the true BAC reading. The speed of this process is critical to protecting the constitutional rights of the suspect.

Other uses include creating client intake forms, powerful document automation and workflow automation, as well as a client portal and payment integrations. Users can configure interview workflows with a wide variety of question types, including text, checkboxes, multiple choice, dropdown, yes/no, numeric and date. Additionally, the system enables teams to add branching logic and view data responses via a dashboard and share questions and answers with others. Users can create a document library to store pre-built templates and set up workflows with dynamic document generation. cloud gavel

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