Conversion Gallon Per Minute Calculator

Gallons per minute (GPM) is a volume flow rate unit, it represents how many gallons of water moves in a minute. It’s important to know this number because it’s used in plumbing, and calculating how long it’ll take to fill something, such as a bucket or a swimming pool. It’s also used when measuring the flow rate of water through pumps, showerheads, and pipes.

There are several ways to calculate GPM. One method is to use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure inside of a tank and then subtract atmospheric pressure from the reading. This is the tank pressure in PSI, which can then be converted to gallons per minute by multiplying by the density of water. Another way is to use a flow chart to figure out the number of gallons that will pass through a pipe in a certain amount of time.

A GPM calculator is a useful tool for any homeowner, plumber, or gardener. This calculator can help you determine how many gallons of water a bathtub nozzle will fill in a minute, how much pressure your sprinkler system has, or the speed at which your faucet is flowing. This is also a great tool to have when replacing old showerheads with water-saving models.

To use this tool, enter the volume of a liquid in the first field, then select the unit of time you measured the amount of fluid in seconds, and then input the flow rate in the last field. The results will be shown in the second field. This calculation is also available as a mobile app. gpm to lpm converter

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