Minimalist Baby Registry Must Haves

Whether you are an experienced mama or first-timer, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the baby products out there. A minimalist baby registry is a great way to simplify your checklist and focus on the items that truly need to be there.

We consulted expert baby planners, newborn care specialists and mamas to compile this list of minimalist baby essentials to help you create your own registry. This list of what to include on a minimalist baby registry includes items that are versatile, functional and will grow with your child. Some of the baby registry must haves include a convertible car seat, stroller that can go from infant to toddler and a diaper pail that will last through countless loads of dirty diapers!

Other baby registry must haves are a breathable crib mattress, baby monitor and an infant tub. If you want to cut down on clutter even further, skip the toys, stuffed animals and games. Babies only play with these things for a short time and are more interested in playing with mom, dad or siblings.

We also included a few fun and unique items on this minimalist baby registry must haves list like a Snot Sucker (sounds gross but so many moms gush over this!) and a shoe organizer. Don’t forget to add a set of baby bath towels that will take you through sweet newborn baths to toddler-aged baths. Lastly, don’t forget a few swaddle blankets (we love Aiden and Anais!) that will keep your baby cozy while they are snoozing but can also double as nursing covers, carseat covers and lightweight everyday blankets.

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