Silver Cloth

Silver cloth is an anti-tarnish fabric that is used to protect sterling silver and silver plate from tarnishing. The fabric contains microscopic particles of silver or zinc that absorb sulfur compounds that cause tarnishing, according to the Silversmiths’ Society website. The silver also prevents oxidation of the metal and provides a protective layer between the silver and pollutants in the air.

The odor-absorbing silver is often used to line jewellery boxes, flatware chests or drawers in china cabinets. It can also be used to make tarnish-proof bags for silver trays, tea sets or candlestick holders. Silver cloth can also be sewn into a cushion to keep silver rings from scratching each other in a jewelry box.

Unlike regular cotton, silver cloth does not have to be washed to remove tarnish. Instead, it should be wiped clean periodically to maintain its effectiveness. This cleaning process can be done at home with soap and water or in a commercial silver polishing machine.

Pacific Silvercloth is a special fabric that is used to protect silver while it’s in storage. It has thousands of tiny silver particles embedded in the brown cotton flannel that attract and absorb tarnish-producing sulfur gases in the atmosphere, according to the company’s Web site. It also has other pollutant absorbers that are able to reduce air pollution and odors, including activated carbon and sulfur oxides. The fabric also has a layer of batting that prevents scratches on the surface of silverware or other items stored in it.

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