One Bernam – A New Mixed Development in Tanjong Pagar

One bernam is a new mixed development that offers the best of city living. Located within the Anson precinct, this brand new condo is minutes walk away from the Tanjong Pagar MRT station. It also offers access to a variety of eateries, cafes and shops for your shopping needs. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and embrace the privileged life that you have always wanted, right at your doorstep.

The name Bernam is derived from the Old English words burna, or stream, and ham, or homestead. People with this name typically love their family and are extremely domestic, ensuring that they have everything taken care of. They are also very giving individuals and will often put their own needs aside to ensure that others are happy.

The URA has recently allowed developers to increase the gross plot ratio (GPR) of office buildings to residential and hotel developments if they are converted to these purposes, which increases the number of homes that can be built on a site. This is why we have seen more offices being converted to apartments in recent years.

The people with the name Bernam tend to be very spiritual individuals. They are very ambitious and have great potential to be trailblazers in their chosen fields of work. They are also very hardworking and will go the extra mile to achieve their goals. one bernam

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