PGDL – Which PGDL Course is Right For You?

Whether you’re making a career change or fulfilling a lifelong dream, PGDL is an important step in your journey as a barrister or solicitor. The course demystifies the legal world for grads from non-law backgrounds and helps you to navigate this difficult academic terrain.

But, with so many law conversion courses on the market – which one do you choose? The deciding factors might be the location, course structure, faculty or reputation. You might also consider if you would prefer to study online or in person. While online PGDL courses are a great choice for those who work full or part-time, in-person learning offers the benefit of building a rapport with your peers and lecturers as you work through the modules.

As with most university courses, PGDL is intensive and carries significant financial costs. Depending on the provider, you could be looking at an investment of up to PS12,500. If you’re a non-EU student, you may be required to pay international tuition fees and will need to meet English language requirements.

Assessments tend to be written exams which make up the bulk of your final grade. Some providers will offer mock exams during the year which can help you get a feel for what to expect on the day. Some will give you the option to submit essays or other pieces of coursework too, which are a smaller percentage of your overall score but can still have a considerable impact on your overall grade. PGDL

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