Successfully Matchmaking Your Friends for Adult Dating

A lot of people are terrible matchmakers. Their entire game plan is “live male plus live female,” then they sit back,Guest Posting relax and see what happens. However, when matchmaking is done right, bringing single people together for adult datingis an act of kindness, a good deed. Just follow these very helpful tips, and you’ll soon be up on the adult dating pedestal.· Avoid mixing and matchingOne of the keys to matchmaking is to give them what they want, and not what you think they should want. If you’re trying to set up a guy friend, you can begin by asking, “If you could have sex with any celebrity, who would you choose?” His answer will let you know his physical type in a woman. If he’s into short blondes with wavy hair and blue eyes, you shouldn’t be talking him into meeting a towering red head. Then, for both guys and girls, find out what they like to do for fun. If you find two things, like maybe watching movies and hitting the beach, you’re on the right track. Shared interests, and not sex, is the bond that holds relationships together in the long run.· Make the connectionIf you think inviting a guy and a girl to the same party in the hope that they, in some twist of fate, hit it off, think again. What if he talks to your hot married girl friend all night and never notices your single friend that was meant to be matched to him? What they need is to go on an official date, which means going out to dinner. It doesn’t matter if he has no money to splurge on an expensive and classy restaurant. That’s important is he should take her out.· Bring everyone togetherThrow a singles party! Have everyone bring along a single person of the opposite sex they don’t want to date themselves for whatever reason. Everyone is on their best behavior with the intent to impress and meet someone. You’ll be surprised who will end up liking whom.· Get out of the wayIf your friends finally had the chance to go out on a date and hit it off, don’t be too nosy. You can check on them by sending both a text message just to find out how things are going and how you’re doing in making friend matches. Otherwise, stay out of the way and let them do their thing.

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