What Is Counselling?

Counselling is the process of talking about your thoughts and feelings with a trained counsellor. It can be used for many reasons and may take place one-on-one or as part of group therapy. It can help you to understand and manage your emotions as well as learn new skills to help you cope with them. It can be helpful for people struggling with relationship problems, depression, anxiety or other issues. Counselling is not a magic cure, but it can help you change your perspective, break old patterns and learn to be more self-aware.

A counsellor can provide support, resources, a confidential space and judgment-free guidance. Some counsellors specialise in certain areas, while others may have a wide range of experience and use different approaches. They are also trained to ask questions that will help you identify and explore your options to find solutions. They can also teach you coping skills to use outside of sessions.

It is important that you have clear goals in mind for your counselling session, and discuss them with your clinician early on. This will help you to get the most out of your counselling. Some clients talk more in sessions than others, but those who make the most progress tend to talk about a range of issues and are actively engaged with their therapists. Those who do not make as much progress are often engaged in what is known as ruminating or venting – spending a lot of time verbalising negative and unhelpful thoughts about themselves or others, with little focus on taking action to address their problems. https://stony-stratford.trusted-coaching.co.uk/managing-stress/

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