Sceptre Tv Reviews of 2022 (Where Can I Buy Sceptre TVs)

The best budget TVs on the market are LG, Sony, Vizio, TCL, and Samsung. Can Sceptre compete? Most people have never heard of Sceptre TVs, but if you’re looking for an extremely low-cost TV, you might want to check out the brand that often dominates budget TV sales charts.

Since Sceptre is focused on maximizing value, the majority of Sceptre TVs sell for under $300, so even budget TV buyers can find a Sceptre screen.

Sceptre was founded in the mid-’80s, so you might conclude that it’s just another fly-by-night manufacturer that shows up one day and disappears the next. However, recently, it has formed a high-end division that caters to a much more performance-oriented audience, offering a number of 4K UHD TVs.

If you’re concerned about buying a TV from an unknown company, don’t be, as Sceptre will stay. Nevertheless, it would help if you didn’t rush into purchasing a budget TV. TVs are no exception when it comes to getting what you pay for in tech.

What Are the Costs of Sceptre TVs?

Sceptre is a budget TV brand, first and foremost. You can find many TVs for under $300 at Walmart, and Sceptre TVs aren’t available above $500 at Walmart.

Walmart offers a 50-inch Sceptre 4K TV for just $469 (out of stock at the time of writing), a 65-inch Sceptre 4K TV for $389, and a 55-inch Sceptre 4K TV for $300. For just $197, you can even get a 50-inch 4K Sceptre TV.

Things get even cheaper than that, though. The 32-inch Sceptre TV comes with 720p / HD resolution for $108 – as well as the 19-inch Sceptre HD TV for $68.We wouldn’t advise buying budget 4K models, as low-spec processors can struggle with both 4K output and upscaling from HD / Full HD sources.

A few top-of-the-line Sceptre TVs are currently available at prices of more than $1,000, and some reach costs of over $2,499 as well.

Where Can I Buy Sceptre TVs?

A Sceptre TV can be purchased directly from the Sceptre website or from The selection is limited, however. Whether you shop at or in a physical store, you’ll enjoy the best shopping experience.Walmart currently offers free shipping for many of the TV sets available on its website, and there are often discounts running as well.

Why Should You Buy a Sceptre TV?

Sceptre is a great place to start if you are looking for a nicely-priced TV. While you won’t get a stunning contrast ratio, nor will you get smart TV capabilities, you’ll still get a lot for your money.

Skeptical? You don’t have to blame us, but it’s worth noting that Walmart customers rate Sceptre TVs at 4.1 out of 5 (based on over 25,000 reviews). So they must be doing something right.

Are you on a tight budget? Then, you’ll want to check out Sceptre’s 1080p and 720p HD TVs. They’re great for bedrooms and kitchens, and RV owners like them, too.If you stretch your budget to around $250, you can get one of Sceptre’s latest smart TVs, which run Android TV and offer Netflix access built-in. If you spend $300 or more, you’ll be able to buy a 50-inch 4K UHD TV.

LED panels are mainly used in Sceptre’s TVs, so don’t expect a picture quality on par with that of pricier OLED and QLED TVs from Sony, LG, and Samsung. Instead, you should keep your powder dry and pick up a big-name brand if performance is important.

You won’t go wrong if you stick to what Sceptre does best – budget TVs around the $300 mark.

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