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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Game – Here’s Everything You Should Know

A co-op multiplayer mode was added to Stardew Valley in 2018 after the game was initially released as a single-player title. Stardew Valley can be enjoyed thoroughly while playing solo; however, playing with others adds a great deal to the experience.

Stardew Valley multiplayer is a treat in many ways and can significantly ease the game, from sharing tasks like watering crops to attacking mines with a buddy. This article explains how to access the game’s multiplayer, and the differences between platforms.

Is Stardew Valley a Multiplayer Game?

Multiplayer is available on both the PC and console versions of Stardew Valley, including online multiplayer and split-screen couch co-op. As a result, players can host their friends on their farm and earn income from them.

When playing co-op, players can see and interact with each other. It doesn’t matter whether they work together in the fields, go fishing together, or venture into the mines. The multiplayer mode in Stardew Valley allows players to do everything together. This includes getting married to one another.

A Guide to Playing Stardew Valley Multiplayer

Multiplayer options in Stardew Valley are different depending on the platform used and whether the player is looking for online play or couch co-op. The game supports up to four players at the same time.

Couch co-op on a fresh save is the easiest way to play. It’s just a question of connecting the controllers to the same device, going to the main menu, choosing “Split Screen”, and starting over at the beginning. The farmland can then be divided into multiple cottages, giving each player their own home and land to use.

For players to play multiplayer on their existing single-player save files, they must add a cottage to their farm to serve as their home. It is possible for Robin to build a few different kinds of cottages and they all are quite affordable, costing just 100 gold and ten stone, ten wood, or five wood and five fiber. The cottages are constructed instantly, unlike other farm buildings. Players can then select co-op and then load their farm with its new cottage after sleeping and auto-saving their game.

Similarly, online multiplayer follows a similar process. Players can set up their farm for multiplayer games and invite others to join. There can be only one host at a time, so players cannot use two separate farms at the same time.

Is Stardew Valley Split-Screen Cooperative?

Split-screen local co-op as well as online multiplayer co-op are available in Stardew Valley. You can play split-screen co-op on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. On the Nintendo Switch, you can only play with two players simultaneously. This is in contrast to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on which four players can play simultaneously.

A brand new game file is the best way to play Stardew Valley multiplayer. Players looking to play couch co-op with an existing save should follow these steps:

  • Play couch co-op on the farm you wish to play on
  • Make cottages for each player who will be joining you
  • Go to options in the menu
  • Find the button that says “Start Local Co-op” and click it.
  • Assign Controllers To Players And Begin Playing Together

Is Stardew Valley Multiplayer Coming to Mobile Devices?

Stardew Valley multiplayer is unlikely to arrive on mobile devices, unfortunately. Concerned Ape effectively said on Twitter in 2020 that mobile devices are not capable of running multiplayer in Stardew Valley :

Stardew Valley is an old game at this point, so odds are it won’t change. Despite the fact that Stardew Valley’s single-player mode is playable on mobile devices, multiplayer is unlikely to appear.

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